I am Samia Pego Keating, The Leading Mindset Breakthrough Coach!

I help purpose-driven coaches, entrepreneurs, and consultants go from self-doubt and overthinking to have an unstoppable mindset for success – even in tough times.

At first, I won; I have got my first paying coaching clients in a month after my NLP Coaching graduation. I was new in the coaching industry, so I have not had any preconceived ideas on how things should be in the business. I was just myself, and I was using my passion as fuel and following my intuition.

As time passed, I started studying all the different digital marketing strategies from the gurus out there. (Do you know when you begin to download all kinds of freebies?) However, I got more confused and overwhelmed and started second-guessing myself on why things started getting stuck. I had so many things on my plate and many of them was draining my energy at the time.

We are all humans full of emotions, and even I had the tools to avoid that, I was feeling exhausted and burnt out, so it was a must for me to go back into alignment with myself and business.

That’s when everything changed…

I’ve decided that enough was enough and took the necessary steps to do the alignment with myself and my business. Along the journey, I discover that my passion and natural ability is to help you have an unstoppable mindset that no matters what’s happening along the way, you will be able to hold your vision and bring your dream business to life by using your unique set of skills and natural abilities that makes you unique.

Today I have soul clients that are fun to work with and super coachable. They make everything that it takes (etically) to grow and develop into the person they want to be and go to the next level.

If you are still reading this, is not an coincidence !

The world needs you to step up and make a difference.

Come on a journey with me.

I stand for adventure, imagination, curiosity, creativity, courage, and confidence.

What are my values: freedom, continuous learning, authenticity,

flexibility, and I believe in personal growth

How my friends see me: Revolutionary, friendly, honest, determined

How I see myself: Visionary, intuitive, and I am also adventurous.

More about me: Yes, sometimes I wear odd socks!

I love learning, meditation, yoga, spirituality, personal development, travel, beach and food.

Professional Bio

I have been in business development roles in different sectors for more than two decades. I have a mix of skills in coaching, sales, marketing, and recruitment. These abilities gave me the courage to leap into entrepreneurship.


Master of NLP Coaching , Time Line Therapy TM, Hypnosis ( Tad James Co.)

Unleash the Power Within ( Tony Robbins)

Certified : Future Skills training and Creativity.

( Keep Learning)

Diploma of Human Resources.

Advanced Diploma of Marketing.

Volunteering – SingularityU Summit 

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

How many languages I speak

How many countries I have visited

How many times I meditate each day


Times I failed before I succeeded