Hello Creator!

Hi, i am Samia Pego Keating . Glad that you are here!

Grab some lemon water, sit down and let’s chat!

I am here to help you upgrade your mindset so you can go from self-doubt to confidence.

If you are really honest with yourself, you know that you need to stop self-doubt , overthinking and feeling overwhelmed in your business.

If you don’t make a change  ,you might not reach your full potential and the freedom you are  looking for.

Would like to come in a journey of transformation with me ?



Samia helped me break through my personal self sabotage by specific mental techniques and asking very personal deep seeded questions that I had to be open and willing to explore and discuss. Samia was very sensitive to my vulnerability and made it very easy for me to open up and explore all my mental blocks that I had kept inside that prohibited me for being the best version of myself I could be and become.

Since taking his course with Samia, I have become what most would say Enlightened. I am very self aware that I am the one that chooses who I am every day I wake up. I am the one who will or will not allow others, situations, or moods to determine my progression or regression in life. I am the one in charge of me. I realized that I have been living a life not of forward progression but of what I like to call rear-view living. A life where all one does it look back at the past and never forward with purpose. I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, nothing is worth turning around for. Turning around will only further your progression of your life’s purpose!

Samia has a warm sensitive way about her. She is one of those special humans that you feel is a long lost friend you have lost connection with but once you meet again everything is warm, welcoming, and familiar. She has a way to guide you on a journey to discover yourself in a way that absolutely takes your breath away and you wake up at one point wondering,”Why the hell you waited so long to help yourself?”

Marda Miller

Business owner.