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    Do you dread Monday mornings - because it means getting up and going to work?

    But making that change means risking so much and maybe you are afraid!

    Deep down though, you know there is something more for you.

    Something with more meaning and purpose.

    Something you feel passionate about and will make a difference.

    Imagine having a career that makes you want to leap out of bed every day!!!!


    Hi I’m Samia Pego Keating - The Career Revolution Coach 

    I help women who feel unhappy and unfulfilled in their careers to gain a CONFIDENCE BOOST to transition to a career they love. Unlike typical career coaches, who just help you with your resume and interviews, I use mindset strategies to help you make changes at a deeper level, so you can have the confidence and courage to take the action, and make the switch to a career you feel passionate about. 

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