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    Reinvent your Career with Focus Mind Coaching Sydney  

    Have you ever stop to think where your life is heading ? 

    You are stuck in a job just because of pay and the benefits, but in reality you don’t like your job and every day you wish that you were in a place doing something you feel passionate about because it means so much more to you, if this is your case your are in the right place- Focus Mind Coaching Sydney.

    The truth is… with technologies advancing upon us, the world of work is evolving faster than you can imagine, soon or later you will feel the need to REINVENT YOUR CAREER.

     Hi my name is Samia Pego Keating, I am The Career Revolution Coach and founder of Focus Mind Coaching Sydney.

     Unlike the typical conservative and traditional career transition coach, who just help you with resume and interviews; I will work with you using advanced techniques to help explore and make the transitions necessary at a deeper level, so you can not only be prepared for your next job, but for life in the 21st century.

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    Focus Mind Coaching Sydney, Career  Transition Coach, Emotional Balance Coach, Confidence


    Create the best self-transformational experience for professionals in career transition and new entrepreneurs , so they can do what they love !


    Integrity , Make a difference, Flexibility, Authenticity, Collaboration , Creativity, Adventure


    My mission is to make a transformational impact on 1,000,000 professionals and new entrepreneurs to think different,   Know Thyself , BE themselves  and do a WORK they love that has a positive impact in the world.

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