Stuck at crossroads? It's time to stress less, gain mental clarity and reignite your passion .

Stuck at crossroads? It's time to stress less, gain mental clarity and reignite your passion .

Hello expat women I  am Samia Pego Keating the Mindset and career coach

If you are feeling lost , don’t know what direction to take next…just  had enough and want your sparkle back. You are in the right place !

Maybe from the outside looks everything perfect , but the inside your are feeling that somethings has to change.

Discover your own formula of success , design a clear path forward so you can gain a lasting personal and professional satisfaction. Even if you don’t know your unique gifts.




Don’t Take Our Word for It. Hear What Our Clients Say:

Coming into my first session with Samia, I was nervous, skeptical, and cautious. I was aware but stuck in living in a continual negative state. I had conditioned myself over the years to remain this way due to me continual negative self-talk and allowing the outside world to dictate how I was living, who I was, and what I wanted in life.

After my own “Intervention”, I became innately aware of who I was and who I was meant to be. So incredibly grateful yet sad at the same time that it took me so long to figure out that I had the keys to my own personal prison but failed to take action because of fear!

Samia helped me break through my personal self sabotage by specific mental techniques and asking very personal deep seeded questions that I had to be open and willing to explore and discuss. Samia was very sensitive to my vulnerability and made it very easy for me to open up and explore all my mental blocks that I had kept inside that prohibited me for being the best version of myself I could be and become.

Samia has a warm sensitive way about her. She is one of those special humans that you feel is a long lost friend you have lost connection with but once you meet again everything is warm, welcoming, and familiar. She has a way to guide you on a journey to discover yourself in a way that absolutely takes your breath away and you wake up at one point wondering, ”Why the hell you waited so long to help yourself?”

I tried several programs on my own and never finished and failed miserably. Samia has the innate ability to prove that ultimately YOU are the one with the key to change your life.


Before working with Samia i had ​​too many distractions with a lot of scattered energy and not hitting targets. Trouble gaining traction. I was feeling very frustrated and deflated.

The process  she used was:

Actually scheduling time every week to identify the problem at hand and then address the issues that come up

Talking about these. Holding space and listening to what I was saying.

Being heard brought down my levels of frustration and anger

With these levels reduced, it brought about calmness which opened up awareness to view the same issues in a new and integrated perspective.

I loved and still have my glass jar beside my bed and write something every day that I am grateful for in my life. This brings peace into my heart space, Thank You Samia 🙂

My results:

Awareness was a huge game changer for me. With absolute clarity I resigned confidently from my current role and in 2021 I am diving full time into not just following but actually living my passion of TRUE HEALTH and preventative practices based on the 7 principles of Health.

Time to have adult conversations with people resolving a lot of past untouchable topics. Reconnecting to people through healing old wounds.

It’s about taking action. I made small changes and saw results every week.

Her intuition and experience are invaluable: seeing and hearing what I was feeling even though I could not express it emotionally at the time.

Absolutely I would recommend you and your services.